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Indulgence Flyfishing has joined forces with Forest Air Helicopters to offer a truly unique flyfishing experience on some of Victoria’s best trout streams.

Experience the ultimate in flyfishing in NE Victoria, with access to the most remote waters available in the region and possibly the most memorable alfresco dining experience you will ever have...

A full day on the stream includes flights from Albury or surrounding area into the headwaters of arguable the best flyfishing rivers in Norht East Victoria, and your personal Chef will provide an onstream gourmet dining experience that is simply second to none. Other refreshments are also provided during the day.

We offer all of our clients the use of top quality Sage rods from 2wt to 5wt, and other gear as required. A Bell Jet ranger will carry you into some fantastic water that really has to be seen to believed.

Most imortantly, we can have you on the water in less than an hour - whichs means more time doing what you enjoy best; Flyfishing.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you have one of the best days of your life....

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Indulgence Flyfishing is proud to work in partnership with Forest Air Helicopters to offer the only experience of it's kind in Victoria.

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